This painting is looking out of  a lava tube into ancient Hawaii when the volcanoes were more violent .If you look closely you will see a tiki in the right side of the lava tube."

Limited Edition:
​ Giclee’s on Canvas All are Signed, numbered and hand highlighted by the artist
Limited to 100 at 16"x 24"
16’’x 24’’ Gallery Wrapped $599

16'' x 24'' Traditional Canvas $499

Limited to 500 at 24"x 36"
24’’x 36” Gallery Wrapped $799
limited to 500

24”x 36” Traditional Canvas $699
limited to 500.

The Original 24"x 36"      on Gesso Board                  $3,900.00

 Open Edition:

13”x20” Glossy Paper $69


Voice of Pele

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