​ Moonrise

"This is magical night, with the moon light dancing on the waves."

11x14" mat 8x12" print $39.00  


 Known by ancient Hawaiians to be the god of 

agriculture, fertility, music

and Peace.

11x14" mat 8x12"

print $ 39.00

Free Spirit ​

 ​"Huge Manta rays over 25 feet wide grace the water of the Hawaiian islands and can even be seen from shore of the big island at night, each has a unique series of spots that make them identifiable."

11x14" mat with 8x10 Print $39.00

​ Full Moon

"The power of the full moon is a mystery to man, this piece shows the moon light dancing on the waves."

11x14" mat 8x12" print $39.00  

Mini prints are open edition prints they come in white, acid free mats with a backing in a crystal clear protective bag. Ready to put in standard size frames.

Sebo Art Hawaii Art Gallery

11"x14" Prints

Dolphin Blue
"​I love being in the ocean and watching the water constantly changing shape. I wanted to capture the ever changing water and the magical dolphins that call it home.

11x14" mat with 8x12" print $39.00

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"I painted this after a long winter surfing the north shore this is a rendition of a famous surf break on the north shore of Maui better know as JAWS"

​11x14" mat 8x12" Print $39.00


Honu Reef

​"I painted this piece after an inspiring swim with a few turtle on the north shore of Oahu, I want to share the experience in this painting."

11x 14" mat 8x10 print $39.00


Watching the sunset through a wave. Like fire and Ice so are emotions.

​11x14" mat with 8x12" Print $39.00

Diamond Head Sunrise
​ "In this painting you can feel the warmth of the sun as it breaches over the top of Diamond Head."

11x14" mat with 8x10" print $39.00

​  Morning         Glory

A calm and breath taking sunrise over Diamond Head.

11" x 14" mat with 8" x 10"
print- $39.00

  Kauai Falls

​  "This is a waterfall on Kauai the oldest island in the chain referred to as the garden island, Kauai has some of the most spectacular waterfalls."

11x14" mat 8x12" print $ 39.00

Ehukai Beach ​ 

​"This piece is a famous surf spot better know as Pipe on the North shore of Oahu, love this beach​."

11x14" Mat with 8x10" Print $39.00